Vacuums & Vending

Vacuums are specially designed to allow you to easily clean the toughest dirt, sand and debris from your vehicle’s interior. Please be careful to save any small items that you do not wish to have removed by the vacuum nozzle.  In the event you vacuum a valuable object and wish to retrieve it, contact the attendant on duty or call the manager to set a time to un-lock the dirt bin.                

Carpet Shampoo and Vacuum Combo system allows you to vacuum your vehicles interior and deep clean stains from your carpets and upholstery from the same system. Once you have deposited enough money to start the Combo Vacuum you may select either by positioning the selector switch to the desired service.

Vending Machines that offer Window Cleaner, Paper Towels & Cloth Towels, Vinyl & Rubber Protectants and many other Car Care products are located at the Front of the buildings.

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