Self Service Information

Is saving money is important to you?  Do you just like to do things yourself?  Do you have special equipment or a paint job that needs personal handling? - Then you want Self Service.

How it works

To activate the equipment in our carwash bay, first find the Wash Meter (shown at bottom).  It does two things; it’s a timer for how long the equipment will run, and it's a switch that lets you change between various wash and finish solutions. Selecting a solution will automatically adjust the flow rate, and direct the solution to the appropriate sprayer or brush wand as needed

To get started, grab the sprayer wand, and purchase at least the minimum time increment, as shown on the Wash Meter.  You will get best results following the step by step procedures shown in the link below.

Once activated, just press the appropriate button when you are ready to switch from one solution to the next. The Wash Meter will warn you when your time is running out. At that point, you can simply continue, or purchase more time.

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